A Bride’s Countdown to Glowing Skin

Dr Lee Ann KlausnerThe NYTimes recently published an article in their fashion and wedding section chronicling the best steps for brides to take in the upcoming weeks to their wedding to get the best looking skin. Dr. Lee Ann Klausner was featured throughout lending her expertise as a dual board certified facial plastics and reconstructive doctor.

As the founding doctor of the Klausner Institute, Dr. Klausner has decades of experience combining her fined tuned aesthetic abilities along with her functional training.

For many brides the preceding weeks and days to their wedding can be stressful. With proper care and attention your skin can be glowing and radiant on that special day.

Dr. Klausner was highlighted in the period of one week before the wedding covering the benefits of skin exfoliation with facial skincare products.

“One of the benefits to superficial exfoliation, which you’ve been doing over the past few weeks, is that it prepares your skin for better penetration of the topical products you’re going to use now,” said Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner, a facial plastic surgeon with a practice in New York.

But as with any new products you’ll be introducing so close to your wedding date, play it safe and do a skin-patch test first before applying to your face. Dr. Klausner suggests testing on the inner wrist. “The skin there is thinner, less exposed to the sun,” she said, “and is similar to the skin on your face.”

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