If you or someone you loved suffered a broken nose from an unexpected trauma, you may be in need of a surgical correction. Dr. Lee Ann Klausner is a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon who services the New York area and is quite familiar with nasal fractures and the rhinoplasty techniques needed to correct them.

The symptoms of a broken nose are usually very noticeable. In most cases bleeding, swelling and bruising are the first signs that something is wrong. If you’re experiencing any of these conditions and the nose is tender to the touch, deformed or you can feel or hear a cracking sound, you most likely have a broken nose. At this point, it’s wise to visit the emergency room to be properly diagnosed via X-ray.

Surgical correction to the nose is especially necessary in cases where the nose has been misshaped in any way. Depending on the nature of the break, Dr. Klausner can either set the nose back in place or opt for a more complex procedure.

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