If you want to enhance your appearance and have been considering surgical and non-surgical solutions, combined procedures can benefit the patient and produce more comprehensive results.

Surgical and less invasive procedures can work in conjunction with each other and take over where other procedures may fall short. For this reason, New York facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Ann Klausner will often suggest combined procedures.

By using both surgical and non-surgical procedures, you can prolong the positive effects from each technique while also providing valuable maintenance that often reduces the need for larger-scale surgeries down the road.

There are a number of options for combined procedures that can depend on the patient’s goals, timeline and overall preference. These options are discussed in great length during the initial consultation with Dr. Klausner.

To set up an appointment for combined procedures, contact our office today! Dr. Klausner offers a wide range of facial procedures from lasers and injections to surgeries.