Brow and forehead wrinkles can be taken care of with the help of a surgical procedure known as a forehead lift, or brow lift. If you’re interested in getting a brow lift procedure to erase wrinkles and remove excess skin, you’ll be able to decide between the endoscopic forehead lift and the classic brow lift. Both lifts are able to revitalize the face, and both come with their share of positives and negatives.

It typically takes one to three hours for Dr. Lee Ann Klausner to complete a forehead lift. The procedure length varies based on the degree of change the patient desires. If multiple types of tissue are being removed using numerous techniques, the procedure can require more time. If there is a smaller degree of change being effected, the brow lift will be shorter.

The classic lift provides Dr. Klausner more access to the underlying tissues, making it easier to change more about the area.

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