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Mini Facelift NYC

What is a Mini Face Lift?

A mini-face lift is designed to improve advance facial aging in the mid-face, cheek and lower eyelid. This procedure will help to re-establish facial balance, giving an overall lift to the neck and lower third of the face. Since the mini facelift is less invasive, it can be performed more quickly and often requires minimal anesthesia, much less than traditional facelift surgery. Additionally, patients are usually able to return home shortly after the procedure. All of these factors help keep the cost of the mini facelift more affordable in comparison to other options. The procedure generally enhances key facial areas with less risk and less stress than standard facelift surgery. The procedure generally enhances key facial areas with less risk and less stress than standard facelift surgery.

New Techniques for a Mini Face Lift

Dr. Lee Ann Klausner uses a short scar face lift (mini facelift) for patients looking to avoid a traditional facelift surgery in an attempt to cut down on recovery time. The mini facelift can be modified to include the correction of neck fat and platysmal bands.

What are the results like from a mini face lift?

After receiving a mini face lift you will see immediate results. Visually there will be a quick and definable difference from before your procedure. Even for a week days or weeks after the surgery your appearance will improve. As bruising and swelling starts to go down you will return to a more “natural” state.

Where and how is a Mini Face Lift performed?

Dr. Klausner performs her mini face lift procedures in office. The procedure itself normally only takes a few hours but expect to block out 4 to 5 hours for preparation and recovery. Since the procedure occurs in office you will be very familiar with your surroundings and will fell very comfortable throughout the whole process. Dr. Klausner uses the mixture of her double board certification to surgically tighten and reposition the skin and muscles on the face to a “younger” looking state.

Before Mini Face Lift NYC
After Mini Face Lift

 What is the recovery from a mini face lift?

Like with any procedure there will be swelling and bruising. A mini face lift is considerably less invasive then a traditional face lift though. It is out suggestion to take several days if not a full week off from work to allow the body to heal after a mini face lift.

Using Facial & Neck Liposuction for a Mini Face Lift

Depending on the requirements of the patient Dr. Klausner my use facial and neck liposuction (submentoplasty) to remove deposits of fat in the neck and cheeks. Once the fat is removed from the neck and face Dr. Klausner may tighten the muscles and remove any excess skin.

Liposuction of the neck and face is much more comfortable than traditional body liposuction procedures so patients typically only require a local anesthesia. During your short recovery process you will be able to manage any pain with over the counter medications.

Contact Your Mini Face Lift Specialist

Lee Ann Klausner, MD is a mini face lift specialist. Please contact our office with any questions regarding your medical needs or to make an immediate appointment.

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