A large, small or asymmetrical nose can have a dramatic impact on your facial aesthetic. After all, the nose is like the centerpiece that brings the entire face together. For many, a disproportionate nose can be a problem for self-confidence. Nose reshaping, known clinically as rhinoplasty, can alter the nose in order to achieve a more balanced appearance.

Ideally, nose reshaping surgery should be performed on teens and young adults, as opposed to waiting until later in life. Like with dental braces, corrective measures to one’s appearance are best done before reaching full adulthood. The numbers support this frame of mind as well.

With more than 217,000 nose surgeries performed in 2014, rhinoplasty was the second most popular surgical procedure in the United States, behind only breast augmentations. Of that group, about 14% of the participants were teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19, making it by far the most popular surgery among that age group.

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