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septal perforation sideview

Nasal Septum Sideview

Septal perforation is a condition in which a hole develops in the nasal septum, or the structure that splits the nose into two nostrils. The ‘front’ part of the septum, which extends outward from the skull, is composed of cartilage. The part closer to the back of the head is made of bone, which is an interior part of the skull. This ‘bedrock’ of the septum is covered by layers of other types of tissue, the outermost of which produces nasal mucus. The septum also contains a number of small but important blood vessels. Lee Ann Klausner, MD is a septal perforation doctor with dual board certification covering the functional and aesthetic values of the nose. As a nasal septal perforation repair specialist she has the experience and knowledge to treat you.

Septal Perforation Surgery

Septal perforation repairs are surgical procedures which may involve replacing all of the tissue layers mentioned above. Perforations may be 0.5cm to 2cm in diameter, or even larger in some cases.

Septal Perforation Symptoms

septal perforation doctor

Septal Perforation Doctor

A doctor specializing in septal perforation will extensively go through your medical history to see which symptoms could have caused your septal perforation. They may be associated with symptoms that include nasal bleeding, crusting and even whistling as a result of air passage through the perforation in the course of respiration.

Septal Perforation Causes

Septal perforation may be associated with events such as complications from emergency medical or surgical procedures and facial trauma. However, it is also linked to the use and abuse of drugs that are inhaled through the nostril, most notably cocaine. These factors increase the probability of damage, irritation and impaired blood flow within the septum, which in turn increase the risk of perforation. Perforation repair is mainly indicated in patients who have the symptoms as above and/or who may be at risk of nasal ‘collapse’. This occurs when the perforation is sufficiently large and/or is in a location along the septum that contributes to the loss of normal external nasal structure.

Septal Perforation Treatment


Septal Perforation Repair

The process of perforation repair depends on the size of the perforation and on its location. The goal is to seal the perforation with a graft. Repair procedures may be open surgeries in which the nose is partially dissected in order to gain better access to the perforation, or more like ‘keyhole’-type surgeries. The grafts are small sections of flesh that can replace the missing layers of tissues (‘flaps’). These are mostly harvested from the surrounding intact septal and/or nasal tissue of the patient themselves. In cases of very large perforations, nearby facial tissue that can be rotated or slid into place (along the path of arteries leading to the septum) to cover the perforation, may be used as grafts. The surgeon moves the flap(s) into place to seal the perforation, and sutures them into place. The procedure ends when wound-dressing pads can be applied to both sides of the repaired septal area.

The success of a perforation repair mainly depends on post-operative blood flow (and factors that impact this, including smoking, inadequately treated diabetes and (again) cocaine use, and on the level of scarring in the patient’s septum. As a doctor specializing in septal perforation surgery Dr. Klausner will  consider these issues prior to recommending perforation repair to you.



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Lee Ann Klausner, MD is a septal perforation specialist. Please contact our office with any questions regarding your medical needs or to make an immediate appointment.

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