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Otoplasty NYC / Ear Pinning

For most of us, there is no functional advantage for having large prominent ears . Otoplasty is the surgical repair or restoration of the auricle (the external element) of the ear. Otoplasty can help curb your ear imperfections. Otoplasty, is most commonly performed to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears. Additionally, Otoplasty can reshape the external ear correcting congenital conditions such as “shell ear”, “lop ear”, and “cupped ear”. Otoplasty in NYC is a specialty procedure of Dr. Lee Klausner a double board certified facial plastic surgeon.


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Some ear surgery is performed to repair injuries to the auricle caused by a past trauma, ear surgery can also address issues involving the ear lobes. Ear lobes that are too large may be reduced. Ear lobes that are wrinkled and creased may be rejuvenated. Ear lobes where the pierced site has torn or become too large may be repaired. If you are not sure whether or not your ear issues can be reformed by ear surgery, we are happy to answer your questions during your consultation with Dr. Klausner.

About Prominent Ears (Auricularis Prominauris)otoplasty nyc diagram

There are distinct structural features that cause the protrusion of the ear. Lack of development or partial development of the fold of the external ear rim (the antihelical fold) or an external ear bowl (the conchal bowl) that is too deep will be typically seen. In most cases, it is a combination of these features that may need to be adjusted during the surgery. Otoplasty is the medical name of the surgery done to minimize the appearance of prominent ears. In New York City Dr. Klausner is recognized as one of the leading facial plastic surgeons handling the otoplasty procedure at her office, the Klausner Institute.

Otoplasty / Ear Surgery for Children

otoplasty nyc before after childFrequently, otoplasty is performed on the child between the ages of 4 and 14. The procedure cannot be performed earlier than four years of age because the external ear does not fully develop and reach its normal adult size until four years of age. It is common for children to have ear surgery in childhood so to escape ridicule that might come from other less sensitive peers as they grow older. For parents seeking otoplasty / ear surgery to correct their child’s prominent ears, the decision to undergo ear surgery should be based on the child’s motivation and not solely on the parents’. Parents should pay attention to their child’s feelings. Parents should not insist on ear surgery to correct protruding ears until their child requests the change. Children who feel bothered by their protruding ears and ask for the surgery are far more likely to be cooperative during the process and happy with the end result.

Otoplasty / Ear Surgery for Adults

Frequently, an individual with one or two prominent ears who did not consider otoplasty during childhood will seek otoplasty as an adult. There is no additional risk to performing ear surgery for prominent ears on adults. Commonly, one ear can be more prominent than the other. As individuals, our external ears and other facial features are not identical to one another. It is important to realize that even after otoplasty, some differences between the ears will still exist.

Consultation for Otoplasty in NYC

Whatever your reason for considering otoplasty / ear surgery, you can trust New York City facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Ann Klausner to make your experience a safe and successful one. If you are ready to take the next step please schedule a consultation for ear surgery online or schedule over the phone by calling our office at 212-288-1011.

During your consultation Dr. Klausner will ask you to describe any concerns you may have for the size, shape or position of your ears. After a full examination of the area, Dr. Klausner will provide you with feedback detailing your best options for reshaping your ears. Before any final decisions are made, you will be able to look through our photo gallery of other ear surgery patients. The photo gallery displays detailed before and after photos as well as case descriptions about each patient.


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