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Skin Tag & Mole Removal NYC

The surgical removal of a skin tag or a mole can be done by either a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. If either is located on or near the face a dermatologists might recommend a plastic surgeon for the removal. Dr. Klausner has many highly respected New York dermatologists who feel confident in her skills and treatment of their patients.

The Procedure

First, the skin tag or mole itself and the area around it will be cleaned and disinfected. After that, an anesthetic will be applied to numb the skin to assure your comfort. Dr. Klausner will use a scalpel to cut out the skin tag or mole and some of the surrounding healthy skin. In the case of a mole, how much skin is removed, and how deep the cut will be, depends on the type of mole, and what Dr. Klausner deems appropriate for removal. If you have been referred by your dermatologist, Dr. Klausner, with your approval, will discuss with them in detail the procedure and outcome.

After that, the wound may need to be closed with stitches. This can be done with stitches that are placed deep within the skin (and dissolve over time) or with stitches on the surface of the skin, that will have to be removed on a later occasion. There is also a method for mole removal that does not involve stitches. When appropriate, Dr. Klausner will use the scalpel to shave the mole for removal.

These options would be discussed at length during your consultation with Dr. Klausner. At that time she will examine the mole or skin tag and discuss with you the best options for treatment.

What to Expect

Often a patient can come to a consultation and have the lesion removed on the same day after a thorough evaluation of the lesion and a discussion with the patient regarding option for her treatment. If any preoperative planning is required; Dr. Klausner will see the patient in a consultation, examine the lesion and discuss the treatment options and preoperative preparations that need to be done in order to perform the procedure in a safe and therapeutically effective manner.

Typically there is little to no pain following mole removal. Often patients manage any discomfort with Tylenol following the procedure. If stronger pain mediation is required, Dr. Klausner will discuss this with you prior to the procedure and issue these prescriptions during your visit. Postoperative wound care is thoroughly explained. Dr. Klausner considers follow up appointments, to monitor wound healing, extremely important to ensure the most favorable outcome.

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