Did you know you can tighten your sagging skin with ultrasound energy? Dr. Klausner was recently quoted in an article in New Beauty™ about the benefits of Ulthera on sagging skin on the face and neck. She is seeing greater improvements with second treatments.

Tiny amounts of focused ultrasound energy are delivered to the deep layers of skin, bypassing the surface, to stimulate new collagen at the dermal and muscular level for a lifting and tightening effect during the 30- to 60-minute treatment. Doctors typically perform the procedure with anti-inflammatory pain medication. The device features an imaging screen so your doctor can see how much energy is passing through the skin and where it will be directed. “The new Ultherapy Amplify utilizes lower energy levels and greater density of ultrasound lines to reduce discomfort without compromising results,” says New York plastic surgeon Lee Ann Klausner, MD.

Your skin may be slightly red or feel slightly swollen (particularly in the first two days following treatment). Two to three months post-treatment you should notice tighter skin. The effects will continue but need to be maintained. Dr. Klausner says Ultherapy is following in the footsteps of repeat filler injections. “In some cases, patients can improve results even more with a second treatment.”

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