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Lee Ann M. Klausner, MD, FACS top facial plastic surgeon NYC

Lee Ann M. Klausner, MD, FACS

   Top Facial Plastic Surgeon in NYC

Lee Ann M. Klausner, MD, FACS is a top female double board certified facial plastic surgeon in New York City specializing in rhinoplasty (nose jobs), mini face lifts and eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty). She is often labeled as one of the top facial plastic surgeons in NYC with honors as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, Consumer Affairs Top Surgeon and a New Beauty Top Doctor. She effectively combines her expertise in surgery with the artful use of the latest non-invasive treatments to yield the most natural results. She is an expert in the use of Botox®, Restylane® treatment, Perlane®, and Juvederm® hyaluronic acid injectable fillers and Ultherapy. Dr. Klausner specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures involving the eyes, nose and face. She is one of the few surgeons in New York City who performs septal perforation repairs and is recognized as one of the top surgeons in her field. Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner’s practice is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Her warm, modern and professional office, located near lenox hill hospital, is designed as a beautiful place for patients to feel comfortable and know that their cosmetic needs can be appropriately addressed.

Dr. Klausner is an expert in the latest invasive and non-invasive anti-aging treatments that can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. She works directly with patients and creates a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your anti-aging needs from the skin surface to deep within. She understands that not every patient needs surgery. “Patients generally want to look their best without losing the essence of who they are in the process.”, says Dr. Klausner. She attentively listens to her patients’ needs and intensively works with them in order to achieve realistic goals that work with their lifestyles.

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Meet the Doctor

There is a tremendous responsibility that comes with earning a patient’s trust. It starts with recommending the appropriate procedures that a patient needs to achieve his or her goals without pushing or selling anything, and continues with doing the best I can to meet and exceed the patient’s expectations.

My primary focus is your appearance, safety and well-being. My training and background have given me a unique angle to listen to your problems and present you with solutions to your aging health.

As one of a select few women in facial plastic surgery, I am in touch with the modern day needs of patients seeking natural results. It is the artful use of invasive techniques in combination with non-invasive techniques that gives my patients optimal results. This balance of the surgical with the non-surgical helps my patients still look like themselves, only better.

Patient Reviews of Lee Ann Klausner, MD

Below are the 3 most recent reviews of Lee Ann Klausner, MD from around the web. She is often labeled by the medical community and her patients as one of the top facial plastic surgeons in NYC. To view all reviews and filter by source (HealthGrades, New Beauty, etc.) please visit our patient testimonials page. *reviews are not a guarantee to future outcomes, results may vary


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Source: Google | Oct 25, 2019

Dr. Klausner is a rare find in the world of facial aesthetics, Her warm and caring demeanor immediately put me at ease. It is very important for me to maintain a natural look as I age and not appear too done or over-filled. During our consultation, Dr. Klausner took ample time to explain all of the options and why Ultherapy would be a great choice to freshen my appearance at this time. I am thrilled to have someone who really takes the time to give me an honest assessment and really listens to my concerns. During the actual treatment Dr. Klausner was extremely gentle and thorough. I am so thrilled with the results and plan to go back and have Dr. Klausner be my "mirror" for all of my future anti-aging concerns and will definitely choose her when its time to consider a facelift!

Review from

Source: HealthGrades | Jul 11, 2019

I have had several scares with skin cancer and Dr. Klausner has done a fantastic job in minimizing scares to my face and body. She is an excellent listener and takes all the time you need to achieve the best results.

Review from

Source: Google | Jun 23, 2019

Dr. Klausner is seriously a wonder woman! She changed my life and successfully completed a surgery that multiple other doctors said wasn't possible. Not only is Dr. Klausner an outstanding surgeon and doctor, but she truly takes the time to explain everything to her patients. During my initial consultation she spent an hour and a half with my mother and I explaining everything and making sure I was comfortable. Thank you Dr. Klausner for changing my life for the better!! If you ever need plastic surgery (especially septal perforation surgery) Dr. Klausner is your girl!

In the Press

In the Press

Celebrity Testimonials

“Dr. Klausner has the aesthetic eye of an artist. Her bedside manner is impeccable, never rushed and always kind and patient. I recommend my clientele to Dr. Klausner often and with great confidence for her work is unparalleled.”

Christopher John – Celebrity Hair Colorist *reviews are not a guarantee to future outcomes, results may vary

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Lee Ann Klausner, MD - ABFPRS
Lee Ann Klausner, MD - AAFPRS
Lee Ann Klausner, MD - ABO
Lee Ann Klausner, MD - AAOL
Lee Ann Klausner, MD - FCACS


Lee Ann Klausner, MD - Castle Connolly Top Doctor Otolaryngology 2016
Lee Ann Klausner, MD - Castle Connolly Top Doctor Otolaryngology 2016
Lee Ann Klausner, MD - Castle Connolly Top Doctor 2016
Lee Ann Klausner, MD - Castle Connolly Top Doctor Otolaryngology 2015