Camp season is nearing an end and your teen will return with amazing memories, new friends, and possibly some unwanted acne. Here are a few steps you can take to help them clear up their skin and feel better.
1. We know getting teens to stick to a skincare routine isn’t alway easy but it’s important that they at the very least wash their skin once a day and the best time is always in the evening before bed.
2. Look for products that contain Benzoyl peroxide such as Jan Marini Benzoyl Peroxide. This acne fighting ingredient is sure to help but it is strong so best to get guidance from your doctor or skin care specialist.
Recommended product: Obagi Clenziderm MD, Jan Marini Benzoyl Peroxide MD
3. It’s important they know not to pick their pimples. It will only lead to more scarring which can affect their confidence in the future.
4. Provide emotional support: help your teen seek treatment, and teach good skincare habits
5. Take them to a skincare specialist. There are many quick in-office treatments with very minimal to no downtime that can help reduce the breakouts as well as help with the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Studies have shown that teens feel less hassled and follow through more and when consulting a skincare specialist in a medical setting. An additional benefit is educating your teen so they can participate in positive ways in their self care.
6. In severe cases, not responsive to routine care, it is advisable to seek further evaluation and treatment with a board certified dermatologist
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