When you're looking into facelift surgery to restore your youthful appearance, it's natural to want to know if you'll be left with scars. Patients are often concerned that scars will reveal that they've had work done or become focal points on their faces.

At Lee Ann M. Klausner M.D., PLLC, double board-certified female facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner offers facelifts and mini facelift surgery to patients in Manhattan at her office on the Eastern side of Central Park. Below, we'll look at what you can expect any scars to look like after these types of surgeries.

How does a facelift work?

The goal of a facelift is to tighten sagging skin and remove excess fat and tissue that comes with aging. Facelift surgery addresses the bottom portion of the face, including the cheeks, jawline, and neck. For those looking to rejuvenate the upper part of the face, an eyelift or wrinkle-removing procedure (such as laser resurfacing or radiofrequency microneedling) can often be added to the surgery.

A facelift involves repositioning the skin and underlying muscles in the face. Dr. Klausner takes special care to make incisions behind the ears and near the hairline.

A mini facelift is also called a short scar facelift. It addresses aging in the mid-face, such as the cheeks and lower eyelids. This is a less invasive procedure that requires less anesthesia and a shorter recovery period.

Will I have scars after a facelift?

With a regular and mini facelift, Dr. Klausner will need to make a series of incisions. And while these will leave scars, they can fade over time. Most importantly, Dr. Klausner is an experienced female facial plastic surgeon who is committed to making facelift incisions along the contours of the face and in places where they can be easily hidden.

After your healing period is over, you may be able to see scars if you look closely, but the goal is to ensure they are obscured or otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

How can I reduce my risk of scarring after a facelift?

All surgical incisions leave a scar for at least some period of time. Almost immediately after surgery, you will be given a customized set of instructions to follow to speed healing and lighten the appearance of any scars. It's crucial to follow these instructions for the best long-term results.

Typically, patients can help reduce their risk of visible scarring by:

  • Avoiding sun exposure, which tends to make scars more visible.

  • Avoiding picking at or scratching at any scars on the face. This can cause infection and uneven healing, which can increase your chances of long-term scars.

  • Keeping incisions clean and covered after surgery.

  • Avoiding harsh cleaners, exfoliants, or irritants that may thin skin or irritate healing incisions.

Get a facelift in Manhattan, NY

Following aftercare instructions is crucial to the healing process as well as reducing the appearance of scars after a facelift or mini facelift.

At Lee Ann M. Klausner M.D., PLLC, female facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner offers patients the best possible surgical care and aftercare instructions to get the most out of their facelift procedures. Schedule a consultation in Manhattan, on the Eastern side of Central Park, to see if facelift surgery is right for you.

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