With over 15 years in the aesthetics industry, I’ve come across my fair share of Laser Hair Removal (LHR) devices. If there’s one thing I still hear about when discussing LHR with patients is their frustration with poor results. This is what patients need to know in order to achieve the best results from LHR.

How Many Treatments Do I Need to Achieve Optimal Hair Clearance?

There are 3 life cycles to hair follicles. Those cycles are known as the anagen, catagen, telogen phases. Anagen is the active phase of hair growth. Catagen is the transitional phase. Telagen is the dormant phase. The hair is susceptible to clearance from LHR during the anagen phase. At any given time, only one third of your hair is in the anagen phase. So, in order to achieve optimal hair clearance, we recommend a series of treatments about 4-6 weeks apart for facial hair or 6-8 weeks for body hair.

There are many different types of laser hair removal technologies. Out of all devices the two best options are the Alexandrite and Diode lasers. Both these LHR modalities have shown great results, offer a cool tip for comfort, and both offer a quick and tolerable treatment. However, a diode laser is the best option for those who have light to medium skin tones as well as coarse hair. For those with darker skin tones, an Nd:YAG laser is the best and safest option, although results are often short term. At Klausner Institute, we offer our patients LHR with the InMode Diolaze system as well as expert care and consistent guidance through your entire treatment course.

Here are a few benefits of laser hair removal that you may not have considered until now.

  1. Resolution of Razor Bumps aka. Pseudofolliculitis

Pseudofolliculitis aka “razor bumps” or “ingrown hairs” is common. This can occur in the bikini area after shaving or waxing, or on the neck after a close shave. This irritation and inflammation occurs when thicker coarser hair becomes ingrown beneath the surface of the skin. In a series of treatments, LHR can eliminate unwanted coarse hair causing this inflammation.

  1. Reduction of Chicken Skin aka. Keratosis Pilaris, or “KP”

KP has the appearance of tiny red bumps on the surface of the skin. It is caused by an overproduction of keratin which blocks thinner hair from coming to the skin surface. We often see this on the upper arms, legs, as well as on the buttocks. Combining LHR with good at-home skincare products such as exfoliants and hydrators have shown to improve the appearance of the skin in most patients with KP. Remember each individual's case is unique, so it’s best to schedule a consultation for more information on whether LHR is right for you.

  1. Hormones Change Everything.

Unfortunately with hormonal changes regrowth of unwanted hair can occur. LHR is helpful in the treatment of dark hair associated with hormonal changes.

LHR can be incorporated into an anti-aging skin maintenance plan in order to provide optimal results. To learn more about whether LHR is right for you and how we can help you develop an anti-aging skin maintenance plan, schedule a consultation by calling us at 212-288-1011 or by email.

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